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What is a rubber nut?

  • Like a rivet nut, a rubber nut is designed to put a female thread into a panel.
  • Installation is very simple as no tooling is required - you simply push it into the hole.
  • When you attach the component, tightening the screw draws the panels together and compresses the rubber creating a bulge on the blind side.
  • They are available in open end & are made from high wear resistant EPDM with a brass insert.
  • They are available in metric coarse threads from M3 to M12 with very flexible grip ranges.


What are the benefits of using rubber nuts?

  • Noise and vibration absorption
  • Metal to plastic assembly
  • Electrical isolation
  • Suitable for marine & automotive applications
  • Accepts standard machine screws
  • Removable and reusable


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