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MEMFAST RNHT07 Rivet Nut & Stud Hand Installation Tool

Read the Nigel Dean review from kitcar magazine here.

Unique, robust hand tool for installing rivet nuts and rivet studs in steel, aluminium, brass & stainless steel. This "spin" action tool (different from the conventional hand plier) is compact, versatile and will currently install M4* through to M10 rivet nuts & M4 through to M8 rivet studs.

*M3 temporarily withdrawn.


Conveniently packaged in a rigid plastic case measuring 140mm x 50mm x 50mm, it is easy and quick to assemble (instructions included). Some of the many benefits include:

  • Excellent performance and reliability (UK manufacture)
  • Ease of use in applications having limited access - simply turn the knob until correct installation has been achieved
  • Perfect for use in small sheet metal workshops, kit car assembly / coach building & marine / boat building
  • No stroke setting or tool adjustment is needed for differing material thicknesses as the tool has infinite adjustment (ideal for materials of inconsistent thicknesses such as GRP & fibreglass)

We provide packages which cater from 1 rivet nut installation kit to 5 rivet nut installation kits - simply decide how many installation kits you will require and choose the package that suits you. Additional kits are also available separately in the event of future demands for your installations.

Lifetime Guarantee will apply upon the return of the component(s) in question and there being no obvious sign of abuse.

Please find our updated RNHT07 tool assembly instructions here.
We also provide UNC & a limited range of UNF installation kits, please access the menu below.

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